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About Dan


      Dan and Ally

Hi! My name is Dan.

I was born in Indiana and now reside in Colorado. I love God, my family, and my friends, and I am extremely loyal to all of them. I am a Trekkie and a Spidey fan (I refuse to grow up...) I am a student of Life, a coach, and a teacher who believes love and knowledge are both best shared.

You will find my love and my faith shared throughout most of the steps and topics you'll find here.

Why I write

I created DansBeenThinking to give back to all that have helped me and to share life lessons that I have learned and continue to learn. I have over forty years of experience as an entrepreneur, business owner, life coach, and manager of teams. 

I will share tips and strategies for being the best person we can be and living life to the fullest. 

I do not promise that you will find all the answers you seek here. I won't even assume you'll agree with everything you read. My hope is that you will find some tidbits here and there that will help you believe in yourself and those around you. And just maybe you'll latch on to something that will allow you to live the life you've always wanted.

Who I write for

I designed DansBeenThinking to help you live your best life if you want to improve the areas of:

Life. This includes everything from organization, goal setting, time management, finding your purpose, improving your self-esteem, and more.

Love. This will cover everything from loving yourself, your children, your significant other, and beyond.

Faith. This will discuss having faith, building your faith, regaining your faith, prayer, praise, worship, and anything that faith involves.

More. Anything that makes for a better life that doesn't fit in those three main categories. 

If you know anyone that can benefit from the messages and lessons of hope found here, please share a link with them.

If you have a topic that will help you live your best life that you think others could use also, drop me a note at

Here's to living the life you always wanted to!